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"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."
Leonardo Da Vinci


Judi Benvenuti does not take pictures only of people’s faces.  She photographs their souls.

-Anna Maria Alfieri, Author




TributesOh, Judi, these pictures are magnificent!! What a job you did with Sean Corn – she’s so photogenic.  You are something and your talent shows!

-Dana Hedden, CEO of Core Connection Studio, Home of Anti-Gravity Yoga




TributesI hired Judi as my wedding photographer 21 years ago.  She was beyond incredible.  My best friend had gotten married six months earlier, and her photographer almost ruined her wedding with his pushiness.  At my wedding, you hardly knew Judi was there, yet the pictures she took were amazing and completely depicted the radiance of the day.  When my law firm began designing our first web page I went straight to Judi for our portraits.  She made the experience fun for the whole staff and, once again, the pictures were great and portrayed exactly the feel we wanted for the website.  Judi has also photographed my children over the years both in color and in black and white.  Especially when they were younger, both my children were shy, but Judi drew them out and the pictures captured the spirit of my children.  So many people have commented on them, and I always refer them to Judi for children/family portraits.  She is the best.

                                           -Ann M. Edens, Esq


A very special thanks to you for the fabulous wedding pictures you photographed of our son and new daughter-in-law.
The love, joy, and merriment of the day was totally captured by your brilliant talent behind the lens!
All the photos were terrific.  You are a true artist with a camera!
Thank you again for providing the happy couple and their parents with such wonderful memories.

-Peter & Catherine Holden


TributesJudi Benvenuti is one of the most versatile, sensitive photographers I have ever known.  She instinctively knows how to compose a photo to get maximum emotional value.  As Executive Director of Algonquin Arts, a regional cultural center, I needed images that immediately ‘sent a message’.  And that is why I hired Judi to do all our Marketing and Development photos.

-Fran Drew, Founder, Algoquin Arts Theatre




We are extremely delighted with this picture because Judi Benvenuti could catch the magic moment of three generations together captured with brilliant resonance.

-Daniela Antonucci, Princeton University